The last step in the Demand and Supply Planning process is approving the demand and supply plan to make it available for the day to day requirement planning process. The approval allows the latest plan to be available for requirement planning. If the plan is not approved, the last approved plan is used in requirement planning.


To Approve the Plan:

  1. Click "Plan Approval" in the menu bar
  2. Click "Approve" to approve the plan
  3. The last approved plan is shown by a date and time stamp

Running a requirement plan is described in the article Running a New Requirement Plan (when ABP IS enabled).

What is Included in the Approval Step

Upon approving the plan, the following updates made in Advanced Business Planning will be the basis of the next requirements plan:

  • The latest demand plan updates
  • All supply plan attribute changes such as safety stocks, lead times, and other requirements planning settings.
  • Any changes to the capacity plan such as work hours, working days, groupings, level loading, and other capacity planning specific settings.

Please note that if you make a change in the item plan during requirements planning, if you make a change to the setting and apply it to only to the item plan, it will not be included in the next plan approval. Must select "Both" to apply the change to the item plan and S&OP. The default setting is "Both."

In addition, capacity planning changes made outside of Advanced Business Planning will not be included in an approval. Any changes made in the requirements planning capacity plan (1) must be manually duplicated in the Advanced Business Planning Capacity Review (2) plan.

  1. Capacity Plan
  2. Capacity Review


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