Reviewing Demand Plan Uploads for Errors

After uploading a userdefinedsopforecast file via the Data Upload page, click on the log icon in the same row as the upload to access the error log file.

The error log file is available within the error log file. The hyperlink value shows the number errors visible.

Click on the error number to download the error file as an excel spreadsheet.

Error Log Examples

Below is an example of an error log that communicates the header names that are incorrect. In the example below, the error communicated is that the names of the columns being upladed are incorrect and must be change. In the example, Item Code should be renamed Item and Customer Code should be renamed Customer since these are base entity values and must be named Item, Customer, or Location (if Location is included).

The most common error types are:

  • Demand Plan values that do not conform to the proper number formats
  • Misnamed column headers.
  • A level or node that is being uploaded that does not exist in DC.
  • Items, customers, or location entities being uploaded that are not in DemandCaster or have been disabled in Data Maintenance.

An example of an error due to a missing item is shown below. Because XX-XXXX-XX-XXXX does not exist, the specific demand plan line number 21 can not be loaded as a demand plan. To fix this issue, either the item needs to be added via the item and itemlocation file or manually created as documented in the article Creating a temporary new item for planning. This same approach applied to missing customers and locations.


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