Multi-Entity Waterfall Grid and Chart

This grid and chart builds on the Demand Plan waterfall functionality.

The feature allows users to create a chart that compares different plans against one another. This is important because it provides a quick and easy way to compare different plans over time against actual performance often used during S&OP meetings.

The waterfall plan types have been expanded to include:

  • Budget / Actual (for periods in the future, the actual value is populated with the latest budget value). This is the default selection.
  • Statistical Forecast (new entity that was previously not saved)
  • Plan (the base plan - new entity that was previously not saved)
  • Total Plan (the base plan plus events)

The time span available include the last 12 months period in addition to the rolling 12 months, current fiscal year, next fiscal year and into the future. The time buckets are both weekly and monthly. Current fiscal year and last 12 months include actual demand history.

The image below shows the last 12 month actual as a bar chart.

The first row in the waterfall is the actual and last updated budget (for future periods). The green highlighted fields are actual values. Yellow highlighted fields (not shown below) are budget values.

Each row in the waterfall table is a plan, budget, or forecast at a certain point time forward.

Statistics and Total Plan are now being saved in the database. For past periods these entities will be 0 but will start saving going forward.

In the past the Base Plan value was the Total Plan. Going forward, these values are now separate.

All plan row snapshots are based on the last plan approval.

To add plan values to the chart, click the Waterfall Options button to open the options dialogue as shown.

DemandCaster - Demand Plan - Google Chrome

From the dialogue, select the plan sources to include in the chart. In the example below, the Nov 2019 Plan and Jul 2020 Plan are selected to compare to Actual. Click save to apply the plans in the chart.

DemandCaster - Demand Plan - Google Chrome

The resulting chart compares the Nov 2019 plan and Jul 2020 plan against actual in monthly buckets.

Once the plans are included in the chart, users may also click to toggle off and on the values within the chart.

DemandCaster - Demand Plan - Google Chrome


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