Locking Demand Plan Edits

In Demand Planning, there are three primary rules in Demand Planning:

  1. When there are no edits made to an product, customer, and location (PCL) combination as the statistical forecast changes with the introduction of new history, the demand plan will change.
  2. Once a demand plan user defined edit or upload is made, the demand plan wont be overwritten by a statistical forecast.
  3. The only way a user defined demand plan edit  can change is when a subsequent user defined demand plan edit is made that is connected in some way to the given PCL.

Given rule 3, if a user does not wish a demand plan edit to not change, the edit must be locked. This support article describes this process.

Locking of Demand Plan Edits

Within Demand Plan editing, there is an option to lock the edit. To do so, once the edit has been made, users should click on the New Unit Plan value to lock the edit. Once locked, apply the edit as normal.

A few comments on this feature.

  1. We encourage users to use this feature sparingly and apply the locks at lower levels of detail only when the edit should not be modified.
  2. In demand plan editing, a locked value is not modified unless a user explicitly removes the lock.
  3. The exception to point 2 is when a "what-if" scenario is applied. Currently a what-if scenario will modify a locked value. The lock, however, will not be removed and will continue to be applicable during when editing in the demand plan view.

Video Overview of Lock Feature

We have prepared a brief video that demo's the lock feature.


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