Adding Nodes not Previously Associated to Levels

Please note that if you are demand planning or forecasting against a level with missing associations, they will not be included in the planning process. This article describes the process to associate a missing entity against a hierarchy level and node.

The article Building a Forecast or Demand Plan Hierarchy describes the steps necessary to add new hierarchy levels and to associate nodes against these levels.

With the addition of new entities, it is important that the hierarchies are appropriately maintained. We recommend, on at least a monthly basis, to review the Hierarchy Associations tab for any missing associations.

The steps to review, are as follows:

Step 1:

In the Associations tab under the Hierarchy section, select the "Level" to review and click Submit.


In the example below, Product Category level has been selected and one entity has not been associated with a node within the level.

Step 2:

Select a Node to associate to the unassociated entities in the list.

Step 3:

Once the "node" has been selected, select the entities to associate with the node and then click one of the two save buttons to save the association.

We recommend repeating the above steps for every dynamic level to ensure there are no missing entities against all levels.

You may also manually upload the associations as described in the article Building a Forecast or Demand Plan Hierarchy.


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