Appending Missing or Lost Sales to History

DemandCaster Advanced Planning provides a means to edit history via the algorithm tab in the Forecast section. This approach is helpful when making changes to history on a case by case or aggregate basis.

When there are a lot of changes required to accommodate missing or lost sales history due to stock-outs or other events, doing so via a mass file is easier. This article describes the process of prepping an excel file of missing sales history. Once the file is ready, please create a support ticket with a request to append the file to your daily sales history upload.

Prepare Missing / Lost Sales History File

The most expediant approach is to provide a file of the lost demand data in the same format as the customer orders file. You can download a copy of the customer orders from the data upload page.

Each line should be a weekly demand value for a SKU, Customer, and Location where the sales history is missing and should be populated.

Sales Order Number Status Order Date Customer Code Item Code Original Order Quantity Original Due Date Ship Date Ship Quantity Sales Price Cost Location Code
Value 1
Value 2
Default to Due Date Customer code for the missing demand
Item code for the missing demand Quantity of the missing demand to be appended Date of the missing demand to be appended Leave blank Leave blank Leave blank or populate sales price Leave blank or populate with cost Location code of the ship from for the missing demand

This data will be used for forecasting purposes only. Please ensure the forecasting is setup to use "Due Date and Due Quantity" in the "Forecast Settings" within System Settings.


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