Demand Planning Stacked Grid Editing

Stacked grid editing is a feature that allows demand plan editing of multiple nodes within a level at one time.

The positive outcome of this feature is that it provides a more user friendly editing experience similar to how one would work in a spreadsheet.

The new editing component is only available within the Statistics tab of Demand Planning. It may be used within the child statistics grid of a level and also when viewing the entire level and its nodes.

Please note that this feature only displays a maximum of 100 nodes within a level. You may either filter the selection in the statistics grids before enabling the edit feature or create a new hierarchy page that minimizes the number of nodes. We also recommend using the stacked grid with monthly buckets. Weekly buckets will take longer to process in the browser due to the volume of weekly data.

Using Stacked Grid Editing

To enable the editing option, click on one of the two "Switch to Edit Mode" button.

  1. Click the "Pencil" icon to view the stacked grid in units
  2. Click the "Stack" icon to view the grid in percent

Before editing, you may also filter down the selection via one or more columns if there is a need to reduce the node count to under 100.

Unit Grid Example

Percent Grid Example

In percent grid mode, the system does not automatically adjust the percentages to always equal a 100% when making edits. The system will display when values are not equal to 100% as a warning. You will also not be able to save the results if the sum of all percents do not equal 100%.

In the example below, February sum is greater than 100% whereas March is less than 100%. The values across all the nodes must be adjusted to ensure the sum of all values equals 100% in each column prior to be able to save the edits.

Three Grid Options

In edit mode, there are three grid options in both stacked views:

  1. Switch to Display Mode: Returns to the statistics display
  2. Reload Data Source: This resets the values prior to saving
  3. Save: Save the edits that were applied

Below is a brief video displaying the functionality.

As noted above, the editing capability is also available when viewing all nodes within a level at once. In the image below, the level "Customer" is selected and upon clicking the edit mode option, all demand plans within the "Customer" level may now be edited.

In addition, all locking rules described in  Locking of Demand Plan Edits are also applied in the stacked grid.


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