Advanced Planning Search

Advanced Planning Search is applicable in the Forecasting, Demand Planning, and Event Planning. Search is applied to the selected page only. Search does not work across pages.

Two Options are Presented

Overall: Presents the searched entity as a single node (this was the prior behavior.

Context: Displays all the context this search entity is part of

Clicking Overall

Takes the user to the node being searched.

Click on Context

From this view, the Context button may be click to open a pop-up with all the context.

From here, clicking "Apply" opens the context select.

Jump to Context

Clicking on the 3rd row of the pop-up, takes user to context of Unites States > Greensburg > 71

Clicking "Context" re-opens the pop-up to quickly select another context for the searched item.

Go Back Button

Clicking the return button after viewing the context returns the view back to the search result.

Searching for an Entity that is not Part of a Page Hierarchy

If a search results in an entity that is not part of a hierarchy on a page, an error will be displayed.

In the example below, the search item is "294762102X." Clicking context button results in a message "This node is not assigned to all the hierarchical levels in this page - you may address the missing association in the Hierarchy interface."

Other Search Considerations

Any search that results in the top of the hierarchy will be presented as a node.

A search results in any level or node that contains the searched entity will be visible in the pop-up. In the example below, the number "1" is searched. All the entities with one or presented.


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