Advanced Planning Demand Plan Download

Since Advanced Planning is highly flexible and supports demand planning editing in every possible combination of contexts and levels, the Demand Plan download feature provides a means to download a Demand Plan (used to modify and upload a new demand plan), Statistical Forecast, or Total Demand Plan row that matches the demand plan page hierarchy with all the levels and context included.

Each page will include an download button to click with the output matching the hierarchy preview of the page. If you would like a different hierarchy to download, simply create a new page. The lowest level of the hierarchy will be the editable level of the demand plan.

To upload a user defined forecast from this download file, please review the article Advanced Planning User Defined Demand Plan Upload

Dates and number formats follow the upload culture settings noted in the article Date and Number Formats and Customer Specific Currency

Date used for the period will align with the calendar the company is using. If standard month is used, the start date will be the first of the month. If 4-4-5 is used, the start date of the month will be the specific date of the monthly period. The date for weeks will be the start of the week set in the option "Week start" in the company (business node) settings.

Go to Page to Download a Demand Plan

To commence a download, click on the "download icon" above the hierarchy.

The button will be disabled if there is a report already triggered by the same user. Only one report preparation per user at a time is allowed.

Choose bucket type and time frame and Run

From the pop-up dialogue:

  1. Select "Report Type" from drop down
  2. Select "Bucket" weekly or monthly
  3. Select Period. The "Custom" period option provides the capability to enter a user defined time frame to download.
  4. Select which columns to include. Statistical Forecast download only includes Units.
  5. Click "Run Report" to commence the report generation

Report Creation Commences

Once the "Run Report" button is clicked, the report progresses below the menu bar and once completed is ready to download.

To download the report, click the hyperlinked name of the report.

Each report will appends its name with a unique date/timestamp.

The report will be available until downloaded. This means that you may move to different sections of the application or close the browser window (unless browser cache is cleared or becomes old) and it will remain until downloaded.

You may have up to 3 reports generated and held in queue until downloaded.

The report preparation will not affect other user interactions in the UI. You may change the hierarchy or even edit. The reports result will be before any subsequent changes are made.

When a tag chain is not complete, the entire row is removed from the report.

When there is a hierarchy with no data and report is generated, the downloaded file is empty.

The speed of report preparation will be dependent on the size of the data being downloaded.

Resulting Report

The report is downloaded as a tab delimited text file. This can then be opened as an excel.

Download Structure for Demand Plan

  1. Customers, Items, and Location levels include the name of the entity in addition to their code. The names include "***" in the header. These columns are automatically removed during uploading.
  2. The price values follow the unit demand plan columns. Pricing do not include currency symbols.
  3. Any row with UDF in the Forecast Type column denotes that the demand plan is user defined.
  4. Bucket type denotes the bucket value that was downloaded. M = Months, W = Weeks
  5. As stated earlier, the date and number formats follow the companies culture settings as defined in the section Date and Number Formats and Customer Specific Currency



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