Creating New Demand Plan Pages and Modifying Hierarchies

Prepare View with Levels

Once the levels are prepared as described in the article Adding Hierarchy Levels to Advanced Planning, you may create a new hierarchy with the new levels for viewing and editing or generating a forecast based on the levels in the Forecast or Demand Plan pages. In this example, we will create a Demand Plan view.

Please note the Forecast page has a single fixed hierarchy page that can be modified in the same manner as described below. The Demand Plan can have multiple Demand Plan pages each with their own hierarchical pages.

Create New Demand Plan Page

  1. Click the Gear in the page header
  2. Click "Create New Page"
  3. Type in the name of the new page (you may also edit the name of an existing page in this manner)
  4. Click Save

The new page will be created with a default hierarchy of Customer > Item with all of its standard page components.

Modify Default Hierarchy as Needed

Once the page is created,

  1. click on the page tab to open the new page. the hierarchy that appears will be the default Customer > Item hierarchy. To modify the hierarchy,
  2. click the Hierarchy icon to open the Hierarchy Builder and,

The hierarchy builder opens where you can drag and drop to build the hierarchy as required.


Populate the hierarchy with the levels required as shown in the GIF below. Click Save to save the new hierarchy.

You may also modify the hierarchy directly in the hierarchy builder by dragging and dropping the levels.

Final View

In the image below, the new hierarchy is available to navigate by Country > Customer > Product Category > Item. The demand plans can also be edited based on these attributes.

Modifying the Forecast Hierarchy

You may modify the fixed forecast hierarchy page in the same manner as the demand plan hierarchy.

However, when clicking the hierarchy button in the forecast section, a warning message will be invoked as shown below. You may proceed to modify the hierarchy by clicking "Yes."

If you modify the forecast hierarchy, you will need to run a new forecast by clicking on the "Run Forecast" button. Upon the completion of the forecast, click "Run Analytics" to update the forecast metrics.


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