Advanced Planning Status Bar

The Advanced Planning process includes a status bar. This status bar helps users easily see how the process is progressing through the planning workflow.

The Progress Toolbar

The status bar follows the following steps:

  1. Demand Plan: Forecasting is handled in the Demand Planning step. This turns yellow when the data, forecasting hierarchy, or other changes that impact the forecast are introduced.
  2. Supply Plan: Supply Planning is handled in the Supply Planning step. If any changes are made to the Demand Plan, the Supply Plan needs to be rerun since the Demand Plan is the input. This will turn red if the prior step is yellow. It will be yellow if the prior step is green.
  3. Approval: The Approval step follows the Supply Plan. An approved plan drives the day to day requirement plan in DemandCaster and/or your ERP. It is red if the prior step is yellow or red, or yellow if the prior step is green.

The status bar sections illustrate what needs to be run/updated via the color coding and timestamps. In short, anything that is yellow or red should be run prior to approving the plan. If a process is updated before the approval step, all the yellow and red colored steps should be run again. Per the image below, the Supply Plan needs to be run before approving the plan.

  • Green: Updated.
  • Yellow: A process or change that precedes the step in question has been applied. Rerun the plan.
  • Red: Prior steps need to be rerun before executing this step.
The Progress Toolbar


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