Date and Number Formats and Customer Specific Currency

This article describes the process to manage currency values and number formats by customer in Demand Planning. This is applicable to companies running DemandCaster across multiple locations across the globe. This supplements the current currency and number format settings managed in DemandCaster's company settings.

To enable this feature, please contact DemandCaster support.

Company Settings

The base number and currency formats are managed in company settings.

  1. Culture sets the number format, date format, and currency symbol format in DemandCaster as a default.
  2. Upload culture changes the date format of the upload. The numbers format is the same as the company culture.
  3. Numbers formatting adds an option that overrides all the different number formats with a single number format across all of DemandCaster. This separates the currency symbol from the number format - similar to how excel works. In Excel, the spreadsheet has a default number format however the symbol can change from cell to cell. 

For numbers formatting, the option "Taken from culture, uses the number format related to the culture setting. The remaining options override the number format.

Customer Specific Currency - S&OP Only

As defined in the data tables article, DemandCaster supports customer specific currency in Demand Planning. There are two tables provided below that set the currency symbol and number format by customer.

Multi-Currency Rates (currencyrates.txt) - S&OP Only

DemandCaster supports multi-currency. This table sets the rates by currency that is in use at the company level (global currency).

  • Column A: Currency Name
  • Column B: Rate against the global currency

Currency by Customer (customercurrency.txt) - S&OP Only

DemandCaster supports multi-currency. This table sets the currency basis by customer. Please note that if this option is used, the customer order table must represent each sales order line in its local currency.

  • Column A: Customer Code
  • Column A: Currency Name ¬†should exists in the system ( uploaded via the currencyrates.txt file )

Result - S&OP Only

As you can see below, once enabled, each customer presents it's data in its own currency. In the example below, the first line presents its currency and number format in British pounds. The second line is presented in Euro's.

To view the details of the currency and number format, please click edit. The second image presents the selected currency.

Clicking on the currency drop down allows users to change the selected currency.


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