Setting up OKTA

DemandCaster is setup to allow single sign on using Okta’s own Secure Web Authentication (SWA) technology. The following documents the steps to enable SWA with DemandCaster.

Log Into your OKTA Dashboard

Log in to your OKTA dashboard and click on "Add Apps"

Search for DemandCaster

In the search field, enter DemandCaster and then click "Add"

The App is Added to the Dashboard

The OKTA SWA requires a plugin to be installed on your web-browser. If you have not installed the plugin, follow the "Add OKTA Plugin to your browser" step below.

Add OKTA Plugin to your browser

If you have not previously added the OKTA plugin, install the plugin by clicking on "Install Plugin" and follow the instructions to install.

Once the plugin is added, refresh your browser.

Click on the App in Your OKTA Dashboard

Enter your previously provided DemandCaster credentials.

Click on "Sign in to DemandCaster"

OKTA will then automatically log you into DemandCaster.

Click on Sign in to DemandCaster to Log In

The next time you return to DemandCaster, the OKTA login will appear and you can simply click "Sign in to DemandCaster" to log in.


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