User Management

Users designated as admin may add or delete users and modify permissions as needed.

Starting on February 1, 2019 User Groups are no longer available in all new accounts. If you have User Groups enabled in your account, we suggest moving to the Role approach as documented in the article Simpler User Permission Management Option

Add New User

  1. Open User management page by click "User" in top menu
  2. Click "Users" in sub-menu
  3. Click "Add New"
Add New User

Add New User Information

  1. Enter email address
  2. Enter first name
  3. Enter last name
  4. Determine if this account will be restricted to only items related to a specific supplier
  5. If Restricted, enter the vendor number to which the account is restricted.
  6. Enter user time zone
  7. Click save

An automated email will be sent to the user acknowledging an account has been setup. The user account is defaulted to deactivated until he or she activates their account via the link provided in the email.

Please note that you need to immediately apply user permissions as provided in the next step or the user wont be able to access their account.

Add New User Information

Apply User Permissions

Once the user is created, the user permission options appear.

Apply User Permissions

Select Role to Apply to User Account

In most cases, the permissions will already be applied to a Role.

  1. Click "Add Role" to open the pop-up
  2. Check the "Role" to apply to the user.
  3. Click "Save" to apply

You may also apply one off permission to a user that is not included in an existing role. However, we do recommend doing so.

To learn more about setting up Roles, please read the article "User Management Structure"

In an effort to simplify the permissions structure, we are deprecating User Groups. To our existing customers, we suggest moving your permissions to Roles from User Groups if User Groups are currently applied.

Select Permissions to Apply

Limit Permissions to Specific Customers

At times, permissions may be limited to specific customers in Demand Planning. To limit a users permissions to a specific customer or customers the administrator must first ensure that at minimum "ViewDemandAndSupplyPlanMenuItem" and "RestrictCustomerVisibility" are associated with the user accounts role.

Once the permission is created, the association of the customers to user are then managed via an upload file (currently, an upload is the only method available to create an association).

The upload files is named usercustomerassociation.txt and has two columns:

  1. User: Email address of the user
  2. Customer Code: Code of the customer assigned to the user

Manually upload the file following the steps documented in the article Manually Uploading Data

The current permissions will be applied however the Demand Plan view will be limited to the customers that were assigned.

Save Permissions

  1. Once the Role / Permissions are applied to the user, click "Save"
  2. You may also remove the permissions and apply another permission if necessary.
Save Permissions

Manage Users

At any time the admin may change the settings of any users via the following options:

  1. Enabled: Check disable access for a user. Please note that when a new user is setup, the users status is disabled until he or she activates their account from the automated email that was sent with the new users credentials. The admin can not activate the account prior to the user doing so.
  2. Edit: Click the edit icon to modify the permissions for a user
  3. Delete: Click the icon to delete a user.
Manage Users


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