User Management Structure

Please note that as of 2/2/2019, User Groups have been Deprecated. Existing customers, please consider moving to the new simpler permissions structure documented in the article Simpler User Permission Management Option

User Groups


DemandCaster's user management is organized as follows:

  • Permissions: The different functions and views available in DemandCaster.
  • Roles: The different functional areas with assigned permissions. Each new deployment will have one default Role called administrator that has all permissions applied.
  • Users: List of individual users and their assigned roles.


A list of pre-defined permissions grouped by functional area of the software. These permissions are assigned to different roles. You may have a permission applied to multiple roles.



There is no limit to the number of Roles created. A role maybe assigned to one user or many users.

  1. Click "Copy" to copy an existing Role to create a new role
  2. Click "Edit" to open the detail to add or remove permissions. See "Role Detail" image below.
  3. Click "Delete," to permanently delete the role. A user previously assigned a Role that is deleted will need a new role assigned.

Role Detail view

In the example below we see the permissions assigned to the Administrator Role.

Role Detail view

Clicking on Add Permissions at the bottom of the page opens a pop-up that provides a list of additional permissions that can be added to the role.

  1. You may select or deselect all permissions within a section by checking the section header checkbox.
  2. You may select or deselect one or more permissions within a section by checking each permission.

Click Save to save the new permissions.


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