Logging in with Plex IAM - non-Plex ERP Customer

IAM stands for Identity and Access Management, and it helps to solve our shared authentication concerns across the Plex product offerings. By transitioning to Plex IAM, you will be able to access DemandCaster and other Plex related sites (e.g. internal documentation page) via single sign on button - Plex IAM.

Customers will require Plex IAM to be enabled in their Plex account as a pre-requisite.

New customers will require their DC accounts to be provisioned to support IAM. This can happen at any time and must be completed by the Support team.

Please note that the standard login sign in will not work anymore after you successfully transition to IAM. We will still keep the two fields with Username and Password to finalize the migration of all our clients to IAM. The two fields (Username and Password) planned to be removed in the future. In case you successfully migrate to IAM, but then will try to log in to DemandCaster the traditional way using your old credentials, they system will not let you. After migration to IAM, you would need to login by clicking on Plex IAM.

Logging in to DemandCaster the first time

After company provisioned with Plex IAM, you will receive a registration email with a subject line ‘User IAM Creation’. The email will inform you that you have been migrated to IAM and will provide you with login credentials (Username, Password and Company Code). Once you receive this email, you should login to DemandCaster by clicking on Plex IAM (please see an image with a red arrow pointing to Plex IAM).

Please check your spam/junk folder. The email below will be there.

You will be directed to Plex IAM login page, where you will enter the login credentials presented in the email sent to you. Once you complete the authentication, next time using DemandCaster you would need to click on Plex IAM only to login:

This process will automatically create your DemandCaster user account and assign the standard user permissions created by your administrator.

Enter Company code

Once the Plex page opens, enter your company code from email and click "Next".

Enter User Name

Enter your Plex user name and click "Next"

Enter Password or use Azure to Authenticate

If your account is connected to Microsoft Azure, click the Windows button otherwise Enter your password.

If authenticating via Microsoft Azure, follow the required steps.

If you are an Existing User and have a DemandCaster account, after the steps above, you will need to link your existing account. Please choose 'Link existing DC account', enter your standard login credentials and click 'Save'. Next time login in to DemandCaster, you would need to click on Plex IAM only. If any issues, please email to [email protected]

Now with Plex IAM login, you will be able to access Plex associated applications, e.g. you will be able to login to our internal documentation site, which we will be updating with detailed examples and videos. Plan for the future is to shut down the current public documentation page: documentation.demandcaster.com. The release notes will be posted in the Community, and the internal documentation site will be accessible via Plex IAM login only.


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