Logging in with Plex IAM

DemandCaster's Plex IAM support leverages Plex IAM to simplify the login process for Plex / DemandCaster Supply Chain Planning customers by removing the need to have a separate DemandCaster user name and login from your Plex login. It also follows the log in security protocols via your Plex account.

Customers will require Plex IAM to be enabled in their Plex account as a pre-requisite.

Existing and new customers will require their DC accounts to be provisioned to support IAM. This can happen at any time and must be completed by support.

In addition, existing accounts that already have a DemandCaster user name and password may continue using their old DemandCaster credentials until Plex IAM is enabled.

Logging in to DemandCaster the first time

Assuming your company has already been provisioned with Plex IAM, click the Plex IAM button on the log in page.

This process will automatically create your DemandCaster user account and assign the standard user permissions created by your administrator.

Enter Customer Code

Once the Plex page opens, enter your company code and click "Next"

Enter User Name

Enter your Plex user name and click "Next"

Enter Password or use Azure to Authenticate

If your account is connected to Microsoft Azure, click the Windows button otherwise Enter your password.

If authenticating via Microsoft Azure, follow the required steps.

Your account will be created

From here accept the terms of service by click the check box

Enter your email

This is required to receive reports and other notifications and click save.

Your account is now created and assigned a default set of permissions. Please contact your administrator if you require a different set of permissions.

You may now click on any of the menu items to browse the system.

Your account will be assigned to a default set of permissions. If you requires a different set of permissions, please reach out to your administrator.

Existing Users

The next time you need to log in, click Plex IAM and you will be logged right in.


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