September 3, 2018 Release Notes

Enhanced Planner Action Filter

Previously, when the one row per item filter was applied and the first action was "Other" i.e. and expedite, only the "Other" action would be visible. Now if the first action is other, a second row is provided that shows the actionable suggestion which would be a make, a buy, or a transfer order even with the one row per item filter enabled. This way the end user will see the actionable suggestion in addition to the expedite suggestion in order of order by date.

Add a Warning that Safety Stock will be made 0 when Intermittent Demand is Applied


Previously, when the 'Intermittent Demand' Forecast method is selected, the change automatically removes the safety stock value to User Defined of 0. The new method provides a warning message when the forecast algorithm drop down value is changed to 'Intermittent Demand."


Retain Safety Stock Value

Previously, when applying intermittent demand forecast model or changing an item from stock to order, once the safety stock converts to 0, the previous safety stock value was lost. Now the value will be retained to make it easier to reset the prior safety stock if the forecast model or stock status is changed back.