May 30, 2018 Release Notes

In this release, we have made available two new requirement planning related options.

Supply Plan / Requirement Plan Level Loading Update

Level loading is now available in both Supply Planning in S&OP as well as Requirement Planning when the S&OP add-on is not enabled. The feature also works with both weekly bucket planning and daily bucket planning.

To learn more, please read the article Level Loading

Use Full Weekly Forecast in Requirement Plan setting

Customers that only order weekly can enable this new setting to prevent the weekly forecast value to be reduced as the forecast progresses during the week. The current logic reduces the forecast value each day of the week in the current week in order not to overstate the requirement. This is applicable when you order daily.

When ordering weekly, this logic understates the requirement.

The setting is enabled in System Settings under the Requirement Planning Settings section. It is a system wide setting and not an item based setting.