April 18, 2018 Release Notes

Updated Do Not Forecast (DNF) Setting in S&OP

Previously, the "Do Not Forecast (DNF)" setting in Demand Planning turned off statistical forecasting for a customer / item relationship and also did not allow user edits or uploads of the demand plan. In short, the DNF setting prevented the item from having a statistical or edited demand plan.

We have released an update to the feature that allows an item to have their statistical forecast turned off via the DNF setting but allow user defined edits and upload of the DNF items demand plan. Users will be able to also edit the demand plan for the item at upper levels. In short, the update allows an item to not have a statistical forecast but allow for a user defined forecast. This is applicable in situations where the history of a given item is such that a reliable statistical forecast can not be generated.

Added Save Button when Creating Automation's

Previously, the steps to create and save automation were not very intuitive and consistent. The automation interface has been updated to include a save button at each step when creating or editing an automation. To learn more, please refer to the article Automation in DemandCaster


If your organization uses OKTA as their identity provider, you can now add DemandCaster as an app. To learn how to activate DemandCaster in OKTA, please refer to the article Setting up OKTA.

Various Bug Fixes

Finally, as with every release, we have included a number of bug fixes and performance improvements.


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