March 26, 2018 Release Notes

Today we released one new feature and addressed two open issues.

Add tag groups as columns in custom reporting

In the last release we introduced tag grouping. In this release, we have added the capability to add these tag groups as separate columns in reports.

When clicking on the tag entity under products, a new options box is visible:

Clicking on the button opens a dialogue box that provides the options to place a grouped tag category as a column.

Below is an example of a sample output:

One thing to note is that if you have custom reports built with the tag field, you will need to modify the reports to accommodate any newly created tag categories going forward.

Other Improvements

Addressed an issue where the end of the lead time falls in a lock period and the resulting suggested order is moved to the next free bucket, the status is displayed as Normal even if the inventory falls below zero at the end of the lead time. The status is now correctly displayed as Urgent.

Addressed an issue where the average selling price is not displayed correctly when aggregating the demand plan view from weekly to monthly buckets.


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