February 28th, 2018 Release Notes

Added Comma's as 1000's separator to all values in Grids

Comma's have been added to make viewing of numbers a lot easier. Prior version did not include comma's.

Days on Hand Value in Supply Plan is Updated When Viewing in Monthly Buckets

This value was previously only calculated and available in weekly buckets. When viewing in monthly buckets, the value was incorrect.

Customer Specific Currencies are Now Available in Custom Reports

If a customer has a different currency basis then the company currency, when creating an S&OP based report with this customer, the customer specific currency will be used when generating the report. Only applicable with S&OP related fields only.

Back-Flushing of Locations

Currently, for manufactured items there is a setting named enable back-flushing. Back-flushing is an inventory management process that depletes on hand inventory after the shop order is completed. As such, if the setting is enabled (set to Yes), the open production order requirements are passed down to the components. If set to No, the production order is not passed down.

This same logic has been extended to DRP. If the setting is set to yes, the open transfer order will be passed down to the source. If the setting is set to No, the open order will not explode to the source.

The back-flushing setting is a system setting and item based setting.

NOTE: This is currently available on request for testing. Please contact support if you wish to test this setting.

Add Save Options to Item Detail Option Tab

Previously, when making setting changes to the item options tab, there was no way to apply the change to the next S&OP plan. This was done purposefully but in retrospect it was not a very user friendly behavior. 

We have added the "Apply mode" drop down the options tab to provide the option to apply the change to the value in Requirement Plan only or Both. The default mode is "Both"

Negative ASP May Be Entered in the Demand Plan

Previously, negative ASP values were not allowed to be entered in the Demand Plan. DemandCaster now allows negative ASP's to be entered.

Added Grouping Function to Tags

We have added the ability to create grouping of tags. Tag Grouping provides the added capability to create groups of similar tags that can then be used in reports as separate columns or the creation of pivot type tables. This feature will be added to custom reports in a subsequent release. To learn more, please read the article Tag Maintenance

Added System Checks to Ensure Customer Associations of New Items are Properly Set

The check ensure that once a new item is associated to a customer, that the item has also been associated to upper levels of the hierarchy. The check is also performed during a user defined upload. We have seen multiple instances where a new item is associated to a customer but not added to upper levels of the product hierarchy.

Improved Data Upload Error Logging

Improved error logging for both manual and automated data loads. The error logs now provide more information to help identify errors.


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