January 17, 2018 Release Notes

Simpler rolling 12 month context demand plan download report

A simpler download file has been created to facilitate manual uploads of demand plans. To learn more, please read the article Downloading, Editing, and Uploading a Demand Plan.

Added multi-check boxes to report filters

Previously, you were able to only select one option from each drop-down filter.

Users will need to manually change the stock type and safety stock to their desired value. This automated feature was removed to segregate consumption settings from the supply attributes in order to provide more settings control to the end user. Please read the article What are the Different Consumption Types in Requirement Planning and Setting Make - Purchase to Order Items to learn more.

Removed fitted forecast values from history

The fitted forecast line will no longer be available in any of the graphs. The fitted forecast lines provided in the graphs were often misleading and caused confusion so they have been removed.

Various Performance and Bug Improvements

As with all releases, we continue to endeavor to kill those pesky bugs and improve performance on an ongoing basis.


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