October, 2017 Release Notes

In this release we have introduced a significant new feature called Net Demand Planning.

Any issues related to bug and general performance improvements are addressed on an ongoing basis and are not included in these release notes.

Net Demand Planning


Companies that sell to retail are often tasked with planning sales at their customer by analyzing point of sale data, their customers current and projected on hand inventory levels and coverage requirements. This data is used to project what their own shipments will be back to their customer thereby eliminating the uncertainty of when the next order will be placed. In addition, since the sales forecast is generated at the pull of the customer, forecasts tend to be more predictable. This in turn provides the basis for a better plan, more robust communication with the customer, and a deeper understanding of what is happening at the store shelf.This feature will allow point of sales data to be incorporated directly in the demand plan.

What is It?

The capability to plan sales using customer point of sale data, forecasts, on hand, and coverage requirements to project what their own shipments to the customer will be for companies that sell to retail.


  • Removes the manual processes most retail focused companies are required to build to define their sales plans
  • Integrates customer supplied data to promote further supply chain connectivity
  • Removes the manual processes most CPG companies use to meet their customers sales objectives.
  • Integrates customer supplied point of sales and inventory data to promote further supply chain connectivity
  • Improves the quality and predictability of demand planning

To enable this feature, please contact support. Further detail is provided in our support site under the section Net Demand Planning (POS Integration)



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