May 30, 2023 Release Note

Summary of Release

  • Introduction of the "Job Specific BOM" feature, enabling efficient component substitution in manufacturing.
  • Bug Fixes with Reverse ETL feature.

Job Specific Bill of Materials (BoM)

We're delighted to announce the new feature, "Job Specific BoM". In the manufacturing process, instances arise where a component in a BOM is replaced with another due to inventory availability concerns. This new feature allows us to use the substituted BOM in the Requirement Planning for a specific job (Shop Order) instead of using the engineering BOM (bommultilocation.txt). To gain a deeper understanding of this feature, we recommend reading the article titled Job Specific Bill of Material (BoM).

Bug Fixes

Plex Reverse ETL (Download to ERP) for Purchase Order Releases: We have enhanced the error handling for this feature. Previously, a successful transfer was shown (via a green approval box) even when the process failed due to an incomplete setup in Plex ERP. Now, our system correctly identifies and reports if a PO isn't created in Plex.

Plex Reverse ETL (Download to ERP) for Approved Orders: We have improved the feature's logic to prevent the creation of duplicate PO releases. Previously, the system tried to submit approved orders from prior requirement plans. With the new fix, the system will submit approved orders exclusively for the most recent requirement plan.


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