May 18, 2023 Release Note

Dear users,

We are committed to continually improving the efficiency and quality of our software updates. To achieve this, we are making two significant changes to our release cycle:

  1. Starting this month, we are transitioning from a weekly to a bi-weekly release cycle (once every two weeks).
  2. Our day of release will move from Thursday to Tuesday.
  3. Next Release is planned for the 30th of May.

These changes will allow us to dedicate more time to refining our features, conducting comprehensive testing, and ensuring that our releases meet the highest quality standards.

We believe that this modification will provide you with a more stable and reliable product, reducing  the likelihood of encountering bugs and other inconveniences that could disrupt your work.

Summary of Release

  • Plex Lot Extraction Enhancement: Addressed an issue causing negative inventory balances during planning
  • Forecast System Settings Text Clarification: Clarified the basis of Forecast System Settings
  • Bug Fixes

Enhanced Plex Lot Extraction Functionality

The previous extraction of expired lots occasionally resulted in a negative inventory balance during planning. In this update, we've refined our Data Source for Lot extraction to remove expired lots from the lotcontrol.txt extraction. This will help address potential negative inventory balance issues during planning.

Clarified Text for Forecast System Settings

We've improved the clarity of our system settings description for forecasts. We've added supplemental information to the "Force Average Forecast Algorithm.."  and "Force Zero Algorithm.." description, emphasizing that the threshold should be considered older/less than "N Buckets".
This ensures users understand that the values entered are based on the selected buckets used in Forecast, and not defaulted to Month or Weeks.

Bug Fixes

We've addressed a critical issue concerning the Plex Reverse ETL function. Previously, the Reverse ETL could become stuck in an infinite loop event while Demand Caster was still processing the request. With this bug fix, we've implemented robust error handling mechanism, that will halt processing requests caught in an infinite loop and return an appropriate error message.

Some users utilizing our Advanced Business Planning solution may have encountered an issue where they were presented with an empty page.
With this bug fix, we've reset the page to it's default settings for users who have experienced this problem. After this reset, users will be able to customize their page settings as needed.


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