March 23, 2023 Release Note

Summary of Release

  • Shipment row update in demand plan and the impact on Forecasting History
  • Added capability to download a Purchase Order for the same supplier across multiple PCNs within Plex
  • Fixed:
    • Issue with soft transition linking in Requirement Planning

Enhancement to shipment row calculation in Demand Plan and impact on forecasting history

We have made an enhancement to the calculation of the shipment row.

Previous behavior: Shipment rows did not include open orders in their calculations, resulting in incomplete forecast history when set to Ship Date / Ship Quantity.

New Update: Going forward, all orders, irrespective of their status, will be included in the shipment row based on the orders shipped quantity. This change has been made to ensure accurate reporting.

Please note that this update also affects the forecasting history. The forecast history will no longer consider the order status. Instead, it will be based on the quantity from the Ship quantity or Due quantity only, depending on the forecast history settings.

Download Purchase Order for same supplier from multiple PCNs with Plex ERP

Previous behavior: When the same supplier was used in multiple PCNs, the system could only retrieve vendor defaults from one PCN, applying them to that specific supplier.

New Update: With this enhancement, if a supplier is being used in multiple PCNs, DemandCaster will use the appropriate vendor defaults to create purchase orders for that supplier in each PCN. This will streamline the purchasing process and ensure that orders are being placed with the correct supplier in each PCN.

To learn more about the vendor defaults, please review the article posted in the section Plex Vendor Purchasing Default (vendordefaults.txt)

Bug Fixes

We have resolved an issue with soft transition linking that caused large dependent demands pass downs in error during Requirement Planning.


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