March 17, 2023 Release Note

This is the one-off release that has been missed in March 16, 2023 Release Note

Actual row update in Plan Tab

With this enhancement we've renamed the "Actual" row in the Plan tab to "Sales Orders". This change aligns with industry standards and makes it easier for you to track your sales orders. Additionally, the calculations for this row will now be based on the Due Date and Due Quantity, rather than the Shipped Date and Shipped Quantity. This change brings more value to our users, as it provides a more accurate representation.

Actual Sales in the Demand Plan report is now called Shipments

We've renamed the "Actual Sales" report in the Request Report feature to "Shipments". This new name is clearer and more intuitive, accurately reflecting the information contained in the report. Despite the name change, the content of the report remains the same.


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