January 12, 2023 Release Note

Summary of Release

  • Non-Plex ERP customers will now be able to transition to the more secure Plex IAM means of access to DemandCaster. ¬†This was previously available to only Plex ERP customers. Plex IAM will eventually become the only means to access DemandCaster and make it easier to access the Community, Support, and Documentation sites.
  • Fixed:

Plex IAM transition

Kindly be informed that we are starting a transition to Plex IAM for all clients of DemandCaster.

Please note that the standard sign in with Username and password will not work anymore after we successfully transition you to IAM.

IAM stands for Identity and Access Management, and it helps to solve our shared authentication concerns across the Plex product offerings. By transitioning to Plex IAM, you will be able to access DemandCaster and other Plex related sites (e.g. internal documentation page) via single sign on button - Plex IAM.

We will still keep the two fields with Username and Password to finalize the migration of all our clients to IAM. After everyone is migrated, the two fields (Username and Password) will be removed.


  • How to veryfy if I am successfully migrated to IAM?
    • Non-Plex ERP clients¬†will receive an email with a subject line "User IAM Creation". The email will inform you that you have been migrated to IAM and will provide you with login credentials (Username, Password, Company Code). Once you receive this email, you should login to DemandCaster by clicking on Plex IAM. Please see an image below and follow the instructions in the link above.
    • Plex ERP clients. As the Plex customer, you should already have an IAM account. If you are not sure about it, please submit a Support ticket. To transition to Plex IAM while logging into DemandCaster, you will need to click on Plex IAM. If you are already using Plex IAM to login to DemandCaster, no changes for you. Please continue logging in via Plex IAM.
  • What will happen if I login with Username and Password?
    • You will not be able to login with Username and Password after migration to IAM has been completed and if trying to login via standard credentials, you will see a message "Your login attempt was not successful. Please Try again".
  • Could I prevent migration to IAM and keep using my username and password?
    • It is not possible, we need to be compliant with the rest of Plex product offerings, and Plex IAM is the standard secure sign on across Plex. Furthermore, we will migrate all our public documentation to an internal documentation site, which you will be able to access via Plex IAM after transitioning.
  • How to login with Plex IAM?

Known issue

If you will attempt to reset password with "Forgotten password" button, the password reset will work, but it is not applicable to IAM and you will not be able to login with Username and Password after migration to IAM.

Bug Fixes

Issue with doubled approved demand in Supply Plan, due to same assigned group code in data maintenance has been fixed.

Issue with Alert pop-up in Analytics-Lead Time to select items when items are selected, has been fixed.


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