December 8, 2022 Release Notes

New Machine Learning module

We are happy to announce our new machine learning add-on Machine Learning Forecast Manager!

With this new add-on to Market Forecast Manager, we are starting our journey to demand forecasting improvements for our customers.

To learn more, please review the article Machine Learning Introduction

New features with Machine Learning:

If your interested in learning more, please reach out your account executive.

Blended Forecast row

To combine Standard DemandCaster Forecasting, Machine Learning Forecasting, and IHS Forecasting we have added a new Blended Forecast row.

To learn more about the Blended forecast line, please review the article posted in the section Blended Forecast.

Please be aware that all customers will now see the new blended forecast row in their demand plan grid. If you do not have Machine Learning enabled, the Blended Forecast line will be same as statistical line and you could hide it in your grid view.

Demand Plan revert function

With this enhancement we are extending the current revert function by allowing users to revert edits to the statistical forecast or, as an option, their last approved demand plan.

Lead Time Basis is now both a company and SKU specific setting

With this enhancement it is possible to setup a specific lead time to be either based on calendar days or work days. This allows the flexibility to make a purchased SKU a calendar based lead time and a make or transfer SKU to be work day based.

Previously all SKU's had the same lead time basis applied.

In Requirement Planning you can manage the setting through Multi-Edit or Item Options.

Option to add notes in Demand Plan edits

This is a long time requested addition to the demand plan editing process.

Users are now able to add optional notes to the preview popup. This way it will be easier to track the reason of changes been made by user.

Note are available to view in the Change Log.

Open order column in demand plan statistics

New open orders column is added to the statistics grid. Open orders are the sum of all past due and future open orders.

Bug Fixes

Issue in change log with wrong order of forecast hierarchy has been fixed.

Issue with generated suggested orders during lock period has been resolved.


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