October 20, 2022 Release Notes

Introducing new Frozen Horizon setting in Requirement Plan

We are happy to announce New Frozen Horizon setting  that will disable new order suggestions, expedites and expedite future order logic during the frozen horizon period. To learn more about Time Fence Settings, please review the article Time Fence Settings

  • Days: This settings value is used to define the number of days past the lead time to prevent expedites and new orders. The additional days to the lead time is calculated by subtracting 1 from the value entered in the Days field
  • Cumulative Lead Time: This settings value allows the user to utilize the SKU’s Cumulative Lead Time to calculate the frozen horizon for the SKU. For example, if the CLT setting value is selected, and the SKU has a calculated CLT of 21 and a lead time of 7, then the calculated Frozen Horizon is 14 days.

Item Plan color coding

Color codding for a few actions in Item Plan has been updated to have an efficient view of different scenarios. Please find below table with update list:

To look at other Item Plan Color coding, please review the section Item Plan Color Coding

Discontinue date setting in Requirement Planning

With this enhancement forecast generation would continue until the discontinue date setup, while safety stock cease at the discontinue date minus lead time.

Limitation of forecast level hierarchy

In order to prevent overwhelming the system and allow it to operate more efficiently - the maximum forecast hierarchy levels will be limited to 6. The warning message will be popped up if more than 6 levels added into hierarchy tree and the system will not allow to save it. To learn more about planning hierarchy, please review the article Creating a Planning Hierarchy in Advance Business Planning


Announcing Plex Shop Order Log

New Plex Shop Order Log added in Requirement plan. With this enhancement it would be possible to see what in logs when you reverse ETL shop orders.

Bug Fixes

Expedite message will appear even if critical safety stock is not set. Expedite orders will be created if critical safety stock is not set but item is stocking out or breaching safety stock from the expedite lead time. With this solution we are correcting the Expedite logic. If there is a critical safety stock breach and there is NO critical safety stock set it will trigger the expedite lead time logic. To learn more about Expedite requirement planning logic, please review the articles posted in the section Expedite Lead Time Rules

Clean to build color codes not visible. The issue with Clean to Build codes when the lead time end for the finished good is on a lock period has been resolved. Icons should be visible now.


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