October 6, 2022 Release Notes

Plex download to ERP function could use blanket orders when creating a release.

With this enhancement new Plex HTTP extraction will be created - “PurchaseOrderLineItems” for reusing blanket orders during reverse ETL. To learn more about Plex Reverse ETL, please review the articles posted in the section Placing Purchase Releases against Blanket Purchase Orders in Plex

Tooltips will be populated when depended demand moved because of lock period.

With this enhancement we are fixing issue with dependent demand & replenishment orders empty tooltips.

Preventing possible start multiple instances of ETL run

In order to prevent multiple clicks on run ETL button user will get popup messages:

  • On first click:
  • If there is an ETL already running:

Rationalized page titles

An updates with pages titles:


Before After
Notes List Notes
Capacity Grid Capacity
Capacity Level Loading
Forecast Analysis Forecast
Order Point Calc Order Point
Order Point Review Review
Customer Reporting Customer Reports
Schemas Automation
Planner Action Report Planner Action

Bug Fixes

Past due demand is zeroed out before each lock period: Issue with zeroed out past due demand before each lock period has been resolved.


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