September 29, 2022 Release Notes

Orders with statuses other than “O” and “C” will be thrown under “Not fixed error”.

With this enhancement we are fixing issue with wrong order statuses. Statuses other than “O” and “C” will not be uploaded and thrown under “Not fixed error” with “Status does not exist” message.

As an example, If you are using order status “P” for partial orders, you should start to use “O”.

Clean up Error Logs in Data Hub

In order to improve performance and maintain data properly ALL Error Logs in dynamic table before 29/09/2022 will be cleaned. Look at below print screen. The new logs will be shown, after the next Data upload.

Bug Fixes

Forecast and customer orders doubled with linking / transition linking components: Issue with doubled forecast and customer orders for linking components has been resolved.

To learn more about Linking components, please review the articles posted in the section Linking Finished Goods

Mapping Class Code as Pard Product Group returns zero records and not updating item class / category:Issue with extraction from Plex after choosing Class Code as Part Product Group has been resolved.


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