September 8, 2022 Release Notes

Suggested order edit recalculation mode with Freeze all and Prior Buckets applied to open orders

When performing an edit, with the freeze all and freeze prior rule, future open orders will not be expedited to address inventory shortfall's prior to the edited suggested order. In addition, all edited suggested orders will not be changed during the edit

To learn more about order editing, please review the articles posted in the section Approve Orders within Item Planning Details Interface

Budget Row added in Overall Supply Plan

With this enhancement we have added supply budget in Overall Supply Plan tab.

Bug Fixes

Balance FY demand plan zeroed out for child lines: Issue with zeroed out “Balance FY Demand Plan” column for child lines in Demand Planning tab has been resolved.

Plex Job upload returning an error: Plex Job upload issue affecting of Plex COLO customers has been resolved.

Suggested order at LT is expedited when an edit freeze exists: With this fix no orders will be expedited before the last edited suggested order.

To learn more about expedite LT rules, please review the articles posted in the section Expedite Lead Time Rules


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