August 11, 2022 Release Notes

Automatic Extraction of Manual Issue File from NetSuite ERP

The Data Hub has been enhanced with the capability to automatically extract manual issue transactions from the NetSuite ERP system. With this enhancement the ETL processing of the manual issue file can be scheduled to automatically occur with the rest of the inventory transactions that are extracted from the NetSuite ERP system.

Increase Lead Time by Overlapping Lock Period during Lead Time Horizon

The calculation of the Lead Time has been enhanced to account for external lock periods that overlap with the lead time horizon. Previously if an external lock period occurs within the lead time, the lead time was not adjusted to reflect that the downtime the supplier is experiencing.  With this enhancement if the external lock period is configured to  extend the lead time, and the lock period starts at the end of the lead time or is within lead time, the lead time will be temporarily extended by the duration of the lock period.  

Constrained Capacity Production Leveling Enhancement to Support Use of Multiple Resources in Serial Processing

The level loading algorithm that is utilized for scheduling production orders at constrained capacity work centers has been enhanced to account for the utilization of multiple resources when the work center is configured to use Serial Processing. Prior to this enhancement capacity constrained work centers utilizing Serial Processing did  not correctly utilize all the resources in the generation of the production schedule.  With this enhancement the level loading algorithm is able to fully utilize all resources when scheduling Serial Processing work centers.

Add Cumulative Lead Time as a Calculated Value in Planning

With this enhancement the Cumulative Lead Time is being calculated and maintained in DemandCaster. The Cumulative Lead Time (CLT) is the sum of longest lead time at each level through the distribution network down through the items BOM. The CLT is calculated during the generation of the Requirement Plan and is visible as the 4th component in the Lead Time field in the Item Planning Details application.

Bug Fixes

Lot Control ETL in Plex ERP: The issue related to the extraction and loading of lot control records for Plex ERP items with no revision numbers has been resolved.

Supply Budget: The issue with the population of zero values in the Supply Budget and Revised Supply Budget rows in the Supply Plan has been resolved.


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