July 28, 2022 Release Notes

Improvements to the Plex ERP Product Order Reverse-ETL Workflow

The reverse-ETL workflow used to download production orders to the Plex ERP has been re-engineered to improve its efficiency and usability. Previously the reverse-ETL of production orders utilized an automation that did not provide adequate feedback on the progress of the process.  With this new enhancement, the reverse-ETL of new suggested orders (for manufactured items) or edited production orders can be initiated using the Download to ERP button in the Planner Action Report.  

In addition, the new Plex reverse-ETL workflow for production orders enables the creation of production orders that utilize the production batch functionality in the Plex ERP system. The use of production batches is an important requirement for process companies. At this time, the reverse-ETL can only be used in the creation of production orders with batches and not in the editing or cancelling of production orders with batches.


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