June 16 2022, Release Notes

Transfer Constrained Capacity Production Leveling (CCPL) Plan to Requirement Plan

The ability to transfer the constrained supply plan from the Constrained Capacity Production Leveling (CCPL) to the Requirement Planning application has been enabled.  Previously it was not possible to automatically send the constrained supply plan that has been generated in CCPL to Requirement Planning.  With this enhancement users will be able to initiate the automatic transfer of the constrained supply plan to replace the unconstrained plan in Requirement Planning.  See the DemandCaster Documentation for additional information this capability.

Extraction of Lot Expiration Data from Plex ERP

The ability to extract Lot Expiration information for Lot  Controlled inventory is now available for DemandCaster business nodes integrating to Plex ERP PCNs.  With the Lot Expiration, DemandCaster is able to plan the future expiration of each Lot of inventory.  This capability requires that Lot Expiration data is maintained in Plex ERP. Please enter a case if you wish to have this capability enabled for your Plex ERP integrated business nodes. 

Bug Fixes

The timeout required to complete certain operations in the Data Hub extraction processes have been increased to enable those operations to complete successfully.   


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