March 24, 2022 Release Notes

Ability to Lock and Save Changes to Suggested Orders

This enhancement to the Requirement Planning application provides users with the ability to make quantity and date changes to Suggested Orders and preserve those changes across subsequent generations of the Requirement Plan (RP).  Previously all existing suggested Orders were deleted during the generation of a new Requirement Plan, and there was no mechanism for users to make changes to the quantity or date of a Suggested Order and have those changes preserved across multiple generations of Requirement Plans.

With this enhancement users will see the following changes when they open a dialog to edit a suggested order

With this enhancement users will be able to modify the quantity and dates of Suggested Orders, and use the Locked status to save changes made to the Suggested Orders in generated Requirement Plans.  The Locked Suggested Order (and its changes) will be preserved in Requirement Plans until the user is ready to approve and download the Suggested Orders to the ERP system.


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