March 17, 2022 Release Notes

Constrained Capacity Production Leveling

Constrained Capacity Production Leveling (CCPL) is a new application that enables companies to smooth out the fluctuations in customer demand and produce finished goods at stable production volumes that are feasible based on their capacity constraints. CCPL automatically generates a Master Production Schedule that is constrained by the available capacity on bottleneck finished goods work centers.  

See the Constrained Capacity Production Leveling documentation for more detailed information on this new application.

To utilize the new Constrained Capacity Production Leveling application in your business node, you need to enter a case to have this feature enabled (for your business node).

Capacity Planning Enhancements

Capacity Generation Improvements: The usability of the process for the regeneration of the capacity plan has been improved by eliminating the automatic regeneration of the capacity plan.  Previously the capacity plan was automatically generated based on changes in requirement plan, capacity data or routing data, which could result in frequent interruptions for the user.  With this enhancement the user will be prompted by red Recalculate button to regenerate the capacity plan anytime there are changes that would affect the capacity plan.

Capacity Exception Definition for Working Days: Improved the user experience by removing the Capacity field from Data Maintenance Definition form and Daily Capacity popup, and replaced it with the Work From and Work To (working time) fields, so that Capacity is calculated based on the working time.

Capacity Core Logic and User Interface Rounding: Eliminated inconsistencies in the rounding of calculations used in the setup time and queue time in the core logic, as well as in the user interface.

Tag Management Usability

We have added a number of user experience controls in the Tag Management page to improve the usability when a large number of Tags are being managed.  These user experience controls include the ability to search on a Tag Name and Category, sorting option for the Name and Category columns, and grid paging.

Bug Fixes

Item Tag Assignment: Resolved an issue in Item Tag assignment through the Item Plan Options application which was causing Tags to be incorrectly assigned to SKUs.






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