March 10, 2022 Release Notes

Integration of Catalog Prices and Cost of Goods Sold Data in Advanced Business Planning for Plex ERP Nodes

The integration of Advanced Business Planning to Plex ERP nodes has been enhanced to support the use of catalog prices in calculating historical average selling prices, and the use of standard cost to calculate the cost of goods sold. COGS (cost of goods sold) is calculated on the basis of cost, but cost itself is calculated on the basis of sales history.

Association of Tags to Only One Automation

The tag functionality has been enhanced to limit to one the number of automations that can be linked to a tag.  Previously multiple automations, e.g., deactivate / activate, can be linked to one tag which can result in issues in its execution.  With this enhancement only one automation will be able to be linked to one tag.

Bug Fixes

Safety Time Issue: Resolved an issue with the erroneous application of the safety time in the calculation of safety stock.

Forecast in Supply Plan: Resolved an issue with the approval of the demand used in the supply plan.

Advanced Business Planning: Additional speed enhancements have been made to the plan approval process.


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