January 13, 2022 Release Notes

Allow In-app Edits for NetSuite Production and Purchase Orders

The user interface in Advanced Requirements Planning has been modified to enable the editing of NetSuite production and purchase orders within the application without allowing the download of the edited orders to NetSuite.  This change will enable users to perform the same types of edits previously only available for Suggested Orders on NetSuite Production and Purchase Orders, and review the impact of the edits on the item's requirement plan.  These edits include the modification of the following:

  • Order dates
  • Order quantities
  • Order cancellations
  • Order splits 


  • This enhancement does not enable the download of edited production orders and purchase orders to NetSuite.

Modification of the Cost Basis used in the Financial View of the Supply Plan

Previously, the basis of cost of all the lines making up the financial view of an item's supply plan was a mix of price and cost. This has now been changed to present all data based on the item's cost.  This change will enable a consistent calculation of all transactions in the financial view of the supply plan.

Elimination of the Value of Deactivated Product Customer Location Entities from Budget Plans

The process for copying the budget in Advanced Business Planning has been modified to eliminate the inclusion of deactivated Product Customer Location (PCL) entities in the copying process. Previously, deactivated PCLs were included in the copying process, but with this enhancement these entities will no longer be copied and included in the budget.


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