December 16, 2021 Release Notes

Do Not Reorder in Requirement Planning

Organizations often need to prevent the reordering of some item even though the item in question has demand. This occurs when the item might have reached end-of-life, and the plan is to run-out the existing stock of the item.  With this enhancement it is now possible to flag an SKU not to be reordered.  To set a SKU not to be reordered you need to go into the Item Options and set the Do Not Reorder flag on the item.  See the Requirement Planning Settings document for more information on the Do Not Reorder setting.

Capacity Planning Module

We are releasing a number of usability enhancements and bug fixes for the capacity planning module.  The mass editing of the work center data has been standardized to utilize the mass-editing workflow utilized in other part of the system.  When users utilize the mass-edit feature on the work center grid, the following screen will be displayed from which the user can select the data they want to change.  In addition to this change this release contains bug-fixes to address various issues in the data maintenance and capacity review screens.


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