December 9, 2021 Release Notes

Ability to Restrict the Generation of Requirements through Completed Operations without the Use of  Dynamic Lead Time Functionality

Currently the ability to prevent the explosion of replenishment orders through completed operations is only available when Dynamic Lead Time is enabled for an item.  However, this capability is beneficial for all situations where the components are associated to the operations where they are consumed, and where information is available on the completion of operations via Shop Order Progress data.  This enhancement extends the capability to control the explosion of requirements to linked components based on the completion of the operation. This capability is enabled for each parent item by enabling the Item Setting Consider Operation Progress in Requirement Explosion on the parent item.

Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements

The Capacity Settings Table Length field controls the number columns that are visible in the Capacity Grid. The value that could be entered in the field could previously be as high as 9999.  With this fix that value has been limited to 52.

The Excel download report on the Capacity Grid has been fixed to add the missing Utilization row, align it to the displayed screen, and recognize the enabled settings on the grid.

The Shop Order and Purchase Order Data Uploads have been fixed to prevent the upload of data where the order creation date is after the order completion date. Any occurrence of this data error that is discovered during data uploads will be communicated in the Error Log.

The Planning User Data Upload (planninguser.txt) has been been fixed to prevent the upload of a item that is assigned to the two planners.  Any occurrence of this data error that is discovered during data uploads will be communicated in the Error Log.

Corrected a Pareto Group Customer Calculation Error in Advanced Business Planning that was causing a Pareto Group customer to be incorrectly created when AP Pareto setting was set to 100.

Deployed improvements in the performance of the process Uploading Customer Orders to Advanced Business Planning


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