December 2, 2021 Release Notes

Improvement to the drill-down of customer demand in Advanced Business Planning from the Item Planning Details application

Currently for customer using Advanced Business Planning it is possible from the Item Planning Details application in Requirements Planning to navigate to the customer's sales history context in Advanced Business Planning by clicking on the customer in the Item Planning Detail application. This action currently opens up a temporary page in the demand plan that takes the user to a specific context.  The hierarchy that is currently opened up in the temporary page is Item > Customer > Location. However, when a customer needs to view the demand against all the customers in that location it is necessary for the user to reset the hierarchy.  

With this enhancement the default hierarchy that is navigated to as been changed to Location > Item > Customer, with the view upon clicking from Item Planning Details going directly to the Customer note.  With this hierarchy, the user is able to click on the item level to view the demand plan of all customers (for that item) in that location.

Bug Fixes

  • The following fixes were released in the Capacity Data Maintenance application:
    • The Excel button has been removed from the Work Center and Routing maintenance screens because Excel downloads are not supported on those screens
    • The icons used to denote the type of events were replaced with descriptive text
  • The upload process of the planninguser.txt file has been corrected to log an exception when multiple planners are assigned to the same item in the file.


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