November 18, 2021 Release Notes

Improvement of Year-over-Year Chart Options in Algorithm Tab in Advanced Business Planning

An enhancement has been made to improve the usability of the Algorithm Tab and the ability to utilize this Algorithm tab to edit demand history in Advanced Business Planning.  One of the most effective means of analyzing historical demand is to review the annual history year over year.  The bar-chart has been made the default chart that is shown in the Algorithm tab to support the year over year review of history, and the Adjusted history is the default data that is charted.  Also, the bar charts have been made clickable, so that upon receiving a click event, the Adjusted history grid is scrolled to the corresponding Adjusted history period, and the period is highlighted for the user.  To learn more, please review the article Algorithms Tab (adjusting forecast history).

Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes are included in this release:

Transition Linking - Resolution to the issue related to the the transition linking of components on a hard fixed date, which was resulting in not passing the dependent demand through to the transition item on the date specified.  

Suggested Order Editing Performance Improvements - Performance improvement in the editing of suggested orders of SKUs of the same product occurring in many locations

Inactive Location Displayed in Lock Period Editing - The visibility of inactive locations has been eliminated in the Lock Period editing application

Safety Stock Editing in Supply Plan - Corrected the ability to save an invalid entry in the UDF Safety Stock in a Supply Plan

Tool Tip Display of Dependent Orders from Shop Orders - Corrected the issue in the inability to display the source production order in the dependent demand  tool-tip in certain instances


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