November 11, 2021 Release Notes

New Gross Profit Tab in the Demand Plan in Advanced Business Planning

A new tab for charting financial information about the demand plan has been added to the tabs in Demand Planning.  The new Gross Profit tab can be utilized to display financial information about the demand plan in a more interactive manner.  It enables the charting of the actual, budgeted and plan values for the Revenue, Cost of Goods Sold, and Margin.  Users can select the choice of  Line, Bar, Stacked Bar, and Area charts to display the financial metrics, and each of these metrics is displayed in the grid at the bottom of the page.



Resolved issues in the Excel Export in Requirement Planning Item Details - corrected issues in the Excel export of the Requirement Planning Item Details to make the exported content consistent with the content displayed in the application.

General Exceptions Definition Editing - resolved issues preventing the display of the Edit and Delete buttons in the General Exception Definition view.  Users should be able to use these buttons to edit and delete General Exception Definitions. However, these buttons cannot be utilized to delete General Exception Definitions added by Lock Periods or System Non-working Days. 

Advanced Business Planning Edits and Uploads optimization - significant performance improvements have been made in the demand plan upload, and in the editing and distribution of changes across levels in the demand plan in Advance Business Planning.


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