October 21, 2021 Release Notes

Provide the Ability to Visualize the Planning Horizon using a 24-Month Rolling Horizon

A new optional 24-month rolling planning horizon has been added in Advanced Business Planning for visualizing the demand plan. This new period range has been applied to the Plan Tab and is available on the Forecast, Demand Plan, and Scenario modules.  The new 24-month rolling planning horizon is also available on the report download popup.

Extend Plan Tab Chart with Series Visualization Options

The charts that are used to display the Plan data in Advanced Business Planning have been extended with the ability to display this information using Bar, Area, and Stacked Bar charts.  Previously, the charts could only be display using line charts, but with this enhancement the user will have the ability to display any of the data on the chart using Line, Bar, Area, and Stacked Bar charts.

In the chart, click on the wrench icon to open "Chart Options"

In "Chart Option" select the values and types of display to visualize in the cart.



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