October 7, 2021 Release Notes

Enable Left and Right Scrolling via Touchpad in IHS Grid

This enhancement adds left / right touchpad scrolling to the MFM IHS and POS grids. Previously, in these grids, a user using a touchpad was unable to utilize their touchpad to scroll left and right and instead was required to use the grids scroll bar. This enhancement brings touchpad scrolling in addition to scrolling using the built in scrollbar to the MFM applications. 

Align Requirement Planning Start Date to Business Node Time Zone

The purpose of this enhancement is to ensure that the start date used in Requirement Planning is always aligned to the time zone that is associated to the company. Previously, the start date for generating Requirement Plans was based on the GMT time zone, which could cause issues when a Requirement Plan is generated for a location that is a few hours behind GMT.  With this enhancement all Requirement Plans that are generated for a Business Node are based on its configured time zone.


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