September 9, 2021 Release Notes

Cross Location Linking with Same Item

Cross location linking has been enhanced to support the linking of the same item across multiple locations.  The previous linking logic supported the linking of different items across multiple locations, but could not be utilized when the same item needed to be linked across multiple locations.  

With this enhancement the restriction that prevents the same item number to be linked across two different locations via the file upload has been eliminated.  This capability to link the same item across multiple locations, via a file upload, is necessary to make the introduction the same item in new locations easier to manage by users.  

This cross-location item linking functionality only supports Full / Forecast only linking, and it can currently only be configured via a file upload.

Additional Performance Improvements for Date-Based File Uploads

The file upload logic has been further enhanced to reduce the time required to upload date-based files in Advanced Business Planning. Files benefiting from this enhancement are:

  • userdefinedsopforecast.txt
  • budget.txt
  • eventplanningforecast.txt
  • posuserdefinedforecast.txt


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