August 19, 2021 Release Notes

Enhancements to Point of Sales (POS) Integration for Planning

The Point of Sales (POS) application has been enhanced with additional capabilities.   

The Item, Customer, and Location columns have been renamed to the Item Code, Customer Code, and Location Code respectively to improve naming consistency with the rest of the Advanced Business Planning application.  

The following new columns have been added to the POS Master Grid:

  • Item Description
  • Customer Description
  • Location Description
  • Last 5W POS Plan
  • Last 5W POS Error %
  • Next 13W Avg Sell-Through
  • Next 52W Days OH High
  • Next 52W POS OH Low
  • Ytd POS Plan
  • Ytd POS Error %


The POS Detail Grid has been enhanced with two new columns to display the forward looking demand plan:

  • POS Plan: Displays the forward looking plan for the POS location.  The data in these fields can be updated via uploads or edits through the user interface.
  • Total Plan: Displays the Demand Plan for the PCL

The POS Detail now displays one year of future weekly periods, in addition to the 13 weeks of historical sales that was previously displayed

The POS upload has been enhanced to support the upload of the POS Plan, through the introduction of a new upload file format: posuserdefinedforecast.txt.  In addition, the PO Orders upload file has been enhanced to support negative quantities to represent customer returns.


James Webster

Thanks Sola, This is helpful.

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